Alphie DAO & $MOON

What is a DAO?

DAO stands for, “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”.
At its core, a DAO is a type of organization run by a group of people without the usual company hierarchy/leadership we’re used to. It is decentralized because everything is recorded on the blockchain with full transparency without a central entity/government. And it is autonomous because there’s no established hierarchy/leadership as it’s governed by the collective decisions of its members.
In simple terms, and related to NFTs, DAO’s mostly function in this way:
A group of people who own the same NFT have access to a private channel created by the NFT creators where they vote on a number of things. These things are normally related to the future of the project, the things the project creators should purchase with a portion of the assets generated by the NFT, etc.

Alphie DAO (NFT holders)

This is our “internal” DAO Alphie holders get access to by holding at least one Alphie NFT.
We believe that a true DAO is not really possible and not very practical.
Possible, because it’s near impossible to function without leadership in an optimal way. Practical, because there is too much back and forth without leadership and guidance, which then creates frustration and disinterest as decisions take too long.
The idea of a DAO is nice but our belief is that leadership and guidance are always needed in at least, a slightly structured way.
Our “DAO” will function as a DAO to an extent, but it will remain under our leadership and guidance. You have all believed in us up to this point and we have not let you down so we will continue to strive to do right by you.
In practical terms it will function like this:
You, as a Founding Member, will receive a level of governance as you’re able to have your say and vote on the proposals we present to you. However, there will be some elements of the future of the project that we are approaching based on our experience and expertise so we may choose to move forward with them without putting them up for a vote.
Again, this goes back to whether you trust our leadership and that we have your best interest at heart.

Alphie Tokenomics

Your Alphie generates 5 $MOON per day passively without the need for staking.
$MOON does not equal cash and is not transferable for cash, ETH or any other currency.
$MOON is simply a utility token generated by our NFT used within our WhalEcology and not tradable in secondary markets.
There are currently two uses for $MOON:
  1. 1.
    Name change - You can use 100 $MOON to change your Alphie's name metadata. This means you can call your Alphie whatever you want, then refresh metadata on OpenSea and it will reveal your NFT's new name.
  2. 2.
    $MOON Shop - $MOON can be used as utility "currency" (no monetary value) within our $MOON Shop to enter whitelist raffles, First Come First Served purchases and Dutch Auctions.
We're currently exploring further utility for $MOON as the project evolves.
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