WhaleTogether Group


WhaleTogether Protocol (WTP)
In the near future, this will be a big part of our project as we aim to become the primary reserve currency of the Metaverse and NFT gaming space so it will be good for you to understand the following information.
ETA: TBC (with bearish markets, launching this is not a wise decision).
Our WTP borrows from the “Protocol Owned Liquidity” (POL) concept pioneered by OlympusDAO (OHM) but is not another OHM-fork like most of the new Protocols you see out there.
If you don’t know what OHM is and how it functions, it is a bit complex and it would take too long to explain it in writing so please watch this explainer video to learn more:
Each Alphie holder will be airdropped an amount of $WTP token based on the amount of Alphie’s/$MOON (to be decided) they hold at the time the snapshot is taken (TBD). However, the majority of $WTP will go towards the Alphie DAO (Treasury) for sustainability’s purpose.
As a Founding Member (Alphie NFT holder) you were here first so you don't have to fight for a pre-sale, whitelist or IDO spot when you’re part of the DAO.

How will our Protocol be different?

The trend for Protocols has been hot, but the majority of them give crazy Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) to holders mostly out of thin air, which have inflation issues caused by the excessive rebase/APY. None, or almost none of them, have utility backing like our Protocol will have and simply rely on the income from bonding and LP fees.
This is where our WhalEcology cycle will shine as there is strong backing between each element of the project as they all interact with each other and the growth of the treasury is through real utilities.
NFT buyers love the artwork, utility/tools and P2E asset management aspects of our project, while Protocol hunters looking to get into the next exciting IDO (Protocol pre-sale), will have to look at purchasing at least one Alphie NFT to gain entry to the WTP “Community Presale Round” as well as governance aspect of the DAO.
On top of that, we will use the power of “stable coins” in the treasury in an “active” way where they will be used in low-risk yield farming and cross-chain/multi-chain farming, unlike other Protocols where their stable coins tend to just be left idle. We will be holding and farming "native coins" such as FTM/AVAX/etc instead of only USD-dependent stablecoins.
As you can see, our WTP combines the best of both worlds.
On one hand, this governance project is filled with integrity (3rd party audit provided) and has total commitment to experimentation in a sustainable way because it was based on the Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL) pioneered by OlympusDAO. Plus, it has the exponential growth potential that you can find in the Metaverse and NFT Gaming industry.