The full breakdown will be made available later as some details are still being decided but this will give you an overview of how it will all work - Some numbers below are still subject to change.

Specific features:

  • Token: $WTP
  • Chain: Fantom / Cross-chain.
  • Treasury Assets: Stablecoins (FRAX, DAI, MIM, etc) where a large portion will be used for farming instead of letting them sit idle + P2E/Metaverse tokens (AXS, SAND, MANA, GALA or similar to GALA Nodes, and more).
  • Governance structure: DAO.
  • Initial Funding:
    • NFT funds.
      • 30% from the total revenue generated by the Alphie NFT collection sale: 173.2557 ETH.
      • The founding members (aka β€œNFT holders”) will be airdropped X amount of $WTP, or if necessary initially $pWTP (pre-WTP token = $WTP).
      • A Community Vault of NFT holders (DAO) will be created for a significant portion of the staked $WTP tokens. This ensures Founding Members will collectively remain as a significant voter in the WhaleTogether Protocol in the long run.
    • Auction (potentially).
      • 5 legendary NFTs to be auctioned after the Alphie NFT public sale has ended.
      • Auction buyers will be granted $WTP token at a generous rate with a linear vesting period depending on the amount paid in order to avoid dumping.
      Edit: The above won't be necessary anymore since we sold out the collection.
    • Community Offering Round.
      • 20% of initial total supply of $WTP tokens.
      • Sold at a fixed price of $X per token at a discounted price.
      • Only NFT holders and selected members on Discord chosen via special activities can participate in this community offering.
      • Proceeds will be used to propel immediate growth and foundations such as top-tier audits, marketing and recruitment of top-tier developers for both backend and frontend, etc.
    • Fair Launch.
      • 40% of initial total supply.
      • Price will be dynamically determined by the amount contributed.
      • Available to anyone who wants to participate.
      • All proceeds go to the treasury: This will allow us to launch with a substantial treasury with a good book-to-market ratio (treasury value / market cap) to begin with.
    • Protocol Launch.
      • All proceeds from Fair Launch will go directly to the treasury.
      • Allocated funds from the NFT project (Alphie DAO/treasury) will go to the treasury.
The Protocol structure has 3 different classes:
  • Lower Risk - 75% - Stable Coins such as FRAX, DAI, etc Part of this will be used for yield farming instead of sitting idle in order to generate income for the Protocol.
  • Medium Risk - 24% - Metaverse/NFT Gaming Assets.
  • High Risk - 1% - Assets such as hunting for the next big IDO. Think of the next AXIE, the next MANA, the next SAND, etc.
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