We will also explore partnerships with other DAO Protocols such as holding $OHM, $TIME, $HEC, etc. And the ratio of holding will be decided by the DAO. However, this will be more for the “partnership” aspect of it rather than the funds it can generate.

The core of everything we do:

Our Protocol does not operate like the other boring OHM-forks that have no real utilities and only generate income via the fee from owning the LP + bonding. Rather, in addition to the previous, our Protocol will generate income from various sources such as:
  • Put low-risk stablecoins to work by utilizing yield farming.
  • Invest in Metaverse and NFT Gaming assets, and gain as they appreciate.
  • Put Metaverse and NFT Gaming assets to work as well as getting yield via Play-to-Earn and Rent-to-Earn management entity. This will be done in-house using our own management services or outsourcing to a 3rd party company if necessary.
The philosophy of our DAO/Protocol will focus on real sustainability and the ability to generate income from real external utilities. We will not engage in the degen APY wars people are used to and rely only on the funds generated from LP fees and bonding like others.
Our Protocol is not based on a traditional “OHM-fork” model, but it leans towards being “an active treasury management” model that focuses on Metavese and NFT Gaming assets and management.
Rather than submitting all the decisions to the DAO, the token owners only vote on certain matters and vote on representatives of the committee or management teams. Think of the corporate structure with shareholders vs board of directors vs management teams. Token holders of our DAO vote on certain matters/details and choose the experts to run and manage the treasury to help everyone 'whale together'. True DAO does not exist and it will not work.
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