Final Thoughts

As you already know, our philosophy came from the concept that “together, we’re stronger” and how we, as the small fish in the big NFT/crypto ocean, can come together to become like a strong whale.
This is the core of our project and what drives every element and decision we make such as the funds we collect, the helpful resources we make available to you and the innovative ways we create to continue to offer value to holders.
We believe that our greatest “asset” is our people, both our team that’s ready to push forward, and more importantly, our community that will collectively propel us all forward.
None of what we do is driven by hype or FOMO, but measured decisions based on experience, expertise and innovation while fostering a strong community of individuals who care for one another.
This may mean our project is not as hyped as others and it may also mean seeing fluctuations in the floor price as we slowly build, but here is one thing you should know:
Whale gonna make it!
Thank you for reading! =]
Last modified 1yr ago