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Meet the Team!

A brief introduction of the core team, but please feel free to ask each one of us more questions in Discord if you have any 😉


👋 Co-founder 🇦🇺 | The Voice 🗣️ Community Manager / Marketing, Content, Communications, Partnerships and Community Mods Overseer.
Exited his Brisbane-based marketing agency and software startup launchpad (5.5k+ member community on Facebook) to dedicate full-time to WhaleTogether. He's also an NFT degen just like you 😎

Nat (WhaleRider)

👋 Co-founder 🇹🇭 | The Brains 🧠 Project Manager / Strategy, Finances, Tokenomics, Hires and Jack Of All Trades.
Co-founded a number of successful companies in finance, construction materials and sports supplements. Educated in econometrics, game theory, applied mathematics and statistics, Nat is the most experienced of the bunch. He actually has no body parts, just brains 🤓


👋 Co-founder 🇺🇸 | The Muscle 💪 Head Master Developer / Contracts, Tools, Dev Team Overseer and Dev-do-something.
Web2 & Web3 dev with IoT, SaaS, Engineering and Music chops. 8 years in software/web development and a true entrepreneur at heart. Max’s motto is “building the impossible!” It is said that he can read the Matrix 👨‍💻


👋 Design Queen 🇹🇭 | The Beauty 💃 Designer / Collection Design Artist, Tools & Branding, Design Team Manager.
Design Director & Co-founder at a publishing house specializing in Children’s books. Studied advertising and then went to design school in San Francisco. With 15+ years experience as a graphic designer and illustrator, and having worked as Head of Creative Department at leading companies, Paan brings beauty to our NFT collection and Brand 😊
The rest of the team consists of about 12 developers, designers, community managers and moderators 👍