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The title above gives a sneak-peek for what’s to come: “tools”
Right now we have a single tool with multiple features but we envision this will grow into more than one tool as we continue to mature as a project.

WhaleSniper Extension (licensing/shared utility options available)

Holding an Alphie Whale (NFT) gives you access to our WhaleSniper Extension, which is a Chrome/Brave/Edge extension that provides extra functionality to your NFT buying experience on OpenSea. We've also started working on our WhaleSniper Web Tool with the same plus more advanced features. More info on the web tool below.
You can watch a walkthrough video of the extension here:
Enquire if interested to add this utility for your holders: https://discord.gg/whaletogether
Our current features are:
  1. 1.
    Rarity rankings - Fetch the rarity/ranking of the whole collection with the click of a button. You can see rankings displayed on the “Items” and “Activity” tabs on OpenSea.
  2. 2.
    Top traits/properties - Below the rarity rankings, a total trait count is displayed as well as the top traits held by the specific NFT with total ownership percentage (%) within that collection. This can be turned off.
  3. 3.
    Quick buy buttons - When you click our buy buttons on the “Items” or “Activity” tabs, your Metamask extension gets triggered for you to confirm the transaction (our tool doesn’t approve it on your behalf for security purposes). This helps with “sniping” so you don’t have to first click through to the listing, then click OpenSea’s buy button. With our tool you’re able to see the rarity, the top traits and then click “buy” all from the “Items” and “Activity” tabs.
  4. 4.
    Gas preset - Set a gas preset for priority + amount of gas you’re willing to pay. This gas preset also helps with “sniping” NFTs with the “quick buy buttons” above. When two or more people click “buy” on a listing around the same time, the person willing to pay the highest amount of gas will get the NFT. This is called a “gas war”. With our tool you can pre-set a slightly higher than normal gas amount linked to the “quick buy buttons” to make sure you win the purchase when trying to snipe undervalued NFTs in popular collections.
  5. 5.
    Contract ninja - Enter the collection’s contract address + number of NFTs to be minted + price of NFTs to buy directly from the collection’s contract. This is not a bot (yet) and still a manual process. This is just an easy, straightforward way for you to mint directly from a contract rather than on a website if you don’t know how to do it on Etherscan (a bit tedious). The value of it, apart from making things easier, is that you can buy directly from the contract if the collection’s website is down (overloaded). It can also help you mint quicker.
  6. 6.
    Gas tracker - See live gas prices directly from the extension’s widget without you needing to go on yet another website to check gas prices.
  7. 7.
    Floor prices - Convenient floor price reader from wherever you are on OpenSea.

WhaleSniper Extension (redesign):

WhaleSniper Web Tool

We've created a web tool that bypasses OpenSea when buying NFTs. This increases the performance of your snipes and adds more features that we already had on the extension.
There are two versions of our web tool - Standard and PRO:
Standard - Features: Similar features to our extension + smart filtering, pre-approve collections for sale, wallet delegation for private, live listings faster than OS and Blur, contract minter watcher (watches contract and pops Metamask open when live). More to come. - Hold 1 Alphie Whale (NFT) to use WhaleSniper Extension and WhaleSniper Web Tool (Standard features).
PRO - Features: Auto-sniper. Our tool will buy NFTs for you on full automation based on criteria you set such as rarity, floor price, traits, etc. - Hold 3 Alphie Whales (NFTs) to use our auto-snipe.


Blur listing speed comparison:
OpenSea listing speed comparison:
Auto-snipe (PRO):

Moon Node (licensing/shared utility options available)

We've also recently added our own private node for holders, which we call the "Moon Node".
This will help you perform faster transactions via Metamask when sniping, transferring, buying, etc. And smoother interactions in general. This is due to using the private node (network) for interactions instead of the more congested public network provided by the mainnet that everyone uses
The performance we've been seeing is equivalent to Justcubes' Supernode for those wondering. As a disclaimer, we'd like to set the expectations right that we're not looking to compete to provide the fastest possible node in the market. It's not our main focus and we don't need to provide the fastest one for now because our web tool will have other elements in place to make your sniping experience top notch. Take the Moon Node as yet another utility because we just love adding as much value as we can for our holders!

Moon Shop (licensing/shared utility options available)

The Moon Shop is our own innovating Marketplace solution for whitelists, NFTs or IRL items. We have the ability to run raffles, First-Come-First-Served sales and Dutch Auctions.
What makes our Marketplace unique?
Our shop interaction is completely gas-less and it comes with some really amazing features and innovations like:
  • You don't have to approve any contracts that require gas.
  • You don't have to stake anything to do anything, which nobody likes doing!
  • You don't have to pay gas to enter raffles or buy things, no matter how many interactions you have in the shop. As long as you have a balance in your account, it will be gas-less interactions.
  • You don't have to get confused and pay fees bridging to any other chains like Polygon and the like, or be annoyed by having to constantly change networks within your Metamask whenever you interact with the shop.
  • We've created a shop you can interact with on our website AND within Discord through a bot. Enter raffles and buy things by simply reacting to the bot or go on the website, it's all synchronised so it's up to you how you go about it!
  • You're able to choose two different wallets for your convenience if you'd like to have one as your account that holds your Alphie's/$MOON and a different wallet for WL/minting that is shared with partners.
  • For creators: Enforcing Discord server join and Twitter follow is available at the click of a button.

Check it out below:

Enquire if interested to add this utility for your holders: https://discord.gg/whaletogether


And before I forget!
Our NFT doesn't just have a placeholder like many other tools out there but it comes with awesome, eye-catching design by our amazing in-house artist.
Check out the sneak-peek below 😃