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2nd Pillar

This is our community and our exclusive knowledge hub.
We believe that a community is the most important aspect of any project!
A project without a strong community will fail… or it may experience initial success but it will eventually fade away.
As said previously, WhaleTogether is built on the concept that “together, we're stronger” and this is the very culture we’ve been striving to foster in our community.
We’re amazed at how quickly others have joined this mission. Our holders truly look out for one another helping each other with strategies, sharing hot collections and whitelist opportunities early, and generally pointing each other in the right direction
Our community is the cornerstone of how we whale-together (grow). Without each other, we continue to be the small fish in the big ocean, but together we become stronger by the day until we whale!
Another massive “utility” we have reserved only for Alphie holders is exclusive access to specific channels within our Discord community.
Right now these channels consist of Llama calls (Llamaverse), alpha calls, whitelist partnerships with other communities, educational resources like bidding strategies, sniping guides, tips and tricks, alpha specific chats, upcoming mints, and more to come.

$MOON Shop

Our holders can also access our $MOON Shop which is our innovative and unique Marketplace where holders can enter raffles, as well as First Come First Serve (FCFS) and Dutch Auctions (DA), to access whitelists for upcoming projects
We have a very unique marketplace solution that perfectly syncs our web-app version with our Discord bot so that holders can conveniently enter raffles, FCFS and DAs by just reacting to our Discord bot or on our website.
Our shop is currently being turned into a "product" that will be offered to partners as a service or in exchange for further utility for our holders.
More info on $MOON in our tokenomics section.
These channels and benefits are “unlocked” to every Alphie holders once you verify your NFT via within our Discord server.