WhaleTogether Group

WTG DAO & Protocol

Alphie NFT DAO + WhaleTogether Protocol

3rd Pillar

This is where we hope to take everyone one day and together become a big whale! 🐋
Apart from all the utilities and resources already described, Alphie holders will get access to our upcoming DeFi Protocol focused on Digital Gaming Assets and Team Management.
We want to position ourselves as the go-to Protocol in this specific niche.
Some of our plans include:
  • Play-to-earn: We want to bridge the gap between gaming NFT owners and players (“scholars”).
  • Rent-to-earn: No time to play but can afford to fund? You can rent out your NFTs to be used by our “scholars”.
  • Gaming assets acquisitions and management: Strategic acquisition of assets in gaming, metaverse land and other gaming assets that can gain value as the crypto/P2E gaming industry continues to grow.
We're exploring options to set up teams and managers who can play P2E games similar to Axie Infinity and others on behalf of our Protocol and eventually Alphie holders who may want to subsidize their very own teams.
Whatever tokens are earned from P2E will be divided between funding the scholars, a management fee towards the WTG team and injecting funds back into the Protocol in order to continue to build value for it.
Alphie holders at this stage will receive a token airdrop ($WTP) for the Protocol and will also be whitelisted if they want to purchase a bigger allocation of the Protocol token. There will be no need for fighting/grinding in order to get into the whitelist like it is the case in other IDOs/ICOs.